• Bnews24, New York
  • June 13, 2024

The game lasted into the early hours of the morning, but it finally ended with a grand hand to become the youngest champion ever to win. Poker Online is the sites that provide the opportunities for winning huge amount at the poker. At the younger age, the player will become expert in playing at online games.  

Peter Eastgate of Denmark became the youngest WSOP champion setting a new record once held by Phil Helmuth. Eastgate, who is twenty two years old, defeated Ivan Demidov in the final table. Out of 6,855 players that started off the tournament back in July, Eastgate remains to be the winner of just over $9 million dollars.

The final table began on Sunday with Eastgate starting the day off in fourth place. He played slowly and made the right calls when he needed to. One by one, players began to fall taken out not only by Eastgate, but also by Dennis Phillips and Ivan Demidov.

Then there were four players left in the tournament and Eastgate had moved up in the chip rankings to second place right behind the chip leader, Ivan Demidov. In third was Ylon Schwartz and in fourth was Dennis Phillips. Peter Eastgate caught the right cards at the right time when he took out Schwartz and Phillips back to back. The addition of the two players chips put Eastgate ahead of Demidov and made him the new chip leader, but not by a lot.

It was now a head to head match between the two young juggernauts. Both players new that it would be time consuming so they both had remain patient and wait for the right moment to strike if then wanted to become the next WSOP main event champion. Eastgate had $86 million in chips while Demidov had $50 million. 

Demidov was taking a beating but as the blinds went up, Demidov made a stand and fought back to take back some chips. Eastgate who had $100 million in chips went back down to $84 million. With the pressure heating up, Eastgate knew he had to start playing the aggressor once again if he wanted to win. That’s exactly what he did and played each hand magnificently as he chipped away at Demidov’s stack until he finally had no choice but to go all in. Eastgate did not hesitate to call as he got the straight on the turn and Demidov only held a two pair.

Eastgate jumps up in joy as he wins the main event and becomes the new WSOP champion to win over $9 million dollars. A disappointed Demidov had to settle for second and came out with % million dollars.

Not only did Eastgate make history by being the youngest ever to win at the final table, but this also set a new record for the longest running final table main event in the tournaments history.


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