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  • June 13, 2024

Addiction is defined as a state or habit that is psychologically or physically habit forming. Some of which are good but most of these are bad. Aside from drinking, drugs, smoking and sex, there is another one that affects us and this is known as gambling addiction.

But what is gambling addiction? Simply put, it is the inability of a person to resist gambling that leads to both personal and social consequences. As early as 1980, this was already considered to be a disease by the American Psychiatric Association that was pioneered by Dr. Robert L. Custer.

Two places in the United States that you will see a lot of people that have this problem are in Atlantic City and Las Vegas.

After, all, these are the gambling capitals of this country that rival those in Macau and in Monte Carlo.

Studies have shown that black jack and poker are the two most popular card games among Gambling Addicts. Why? Because you don’t have to shell out a lot of money and $20 can already go a long way.

Believe it or not, a quarter doesn’t seem like much but if you add this up, this also means big bucks. Slowly but surely, slot machines and video poker are also frequented by such individuals because who knows, some people actually may actually win the jackpot on the first try.

Gambling addiction does not happen only in the casinos. This is because the card games are also played at home. You can even go to a bar and place a bet on a boxing match, a horse race or any other sport. Of course, this can also be done anywhere as long as you know the number of the bookie.

The advent of the Internet has increased the number of gambling addicts. You can join the game by simply logging in and while some will win, many will lose capping the limit on their credit cards.

You can also be classified as a gambling addict if you buy sweepstakes tickets or play in the money market. Just like the slot machines, you don’t have to spend much but the more money you put in, means more losses unless things work well for you.

There are different types of gambling addiction. There are action problem gamblers, escape problem gamblers, internet problem gamblers and stock market problem gamblers.

Why do people do it? Experts say it is their way to escape from the realities of the world only to realize later on that they have only made problems worse. For instance, people who need money fast think they can make a quick score. There is no skill involved here and they are hoping for a miracle when the truth is, this is all a matter of chance or luck.

How can you tell if someone is a gambling addict? This is hard to say because unlike drugs, this is not a substance that is injected into the body. But for reference, some people follow the “Custer Three Phase Model” wherein the person first starts winning, losing and then is in a pure state of desperation.

During the winning stage, the person is ecstatic and wants to make more money through https://www.parisalanage.com. When he or she loses, the gambler believes that it is still possible to make up for the losses. In the desperation stage, the person will have trouble sleeping, suffer mental fatigue and stress making it impossible to make a sound decision.

The gambling addict will pawn stuff, sell their belongings, be absent from work that often fighting with family members and friends or even suicide; this is also referred to as the hopelessness stage by some medical experts.

Is there a way to quit gambling addition? The answer is yes. The person will have to admit that he or she has this problem and realizes that help is needed to get out. Some decide to join a support group and take it day by day. Others have tried Gambler’s Anonymous, which is a 12-step recovery program that is designed to make the individual quit the habit for good.

Gambling addiction is something serious that people have to deal with. You may know of someone so before they ruin their lives or even those around them, it is best to help that individual before it is too late.

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