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  • May 23, 2024

If you’ve never played turbo poker, it’s safe to say that you are missing out on a whole other world of online poker that you’ve probably never even considered before. What’s the one part of poker that many players aren’t a big fan of? It has to be the fact that poker features a bit of slow play, which is why a lot of players decided to multi-table their games and play many different types of games as well. This is why we are going to look at turbo poker explained, and break down exactly what the deal is with this new type of online poker that came out just a few years ago. Turbo poker has expanded to many different sites and has many different names, but you’ll find it on places like PokerStars, Full Tilt Rush Poker, Ladbrokes Blaze Turbo Poker, and a few other sites as well. Not only will we break down the game itself, but give some tips and strategy as well.

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The general idea behind turbo poker is that players are going to have the option of folding their hands whenever they want during the play. After you fold your hand, you are going to be randomly swapped tables and seated with a new group of players and dealt a new hand. This means that you can see a ton of hands in a very short period of time, and it means that you’ll see far more hands per hour then you’ve seen with standard online poker play. There is a quick fold button, which will allow you to fold at random times during play, and no one will know that you’ve folded your hand until the action is on you.


There is a good bit of strategy behind playing turbo poker, and one thing that many players ask about is the idea behind multi-tabling turbo poker games. Obviously you are going to be flying through hands, so you won’t want to multi-table nearly as much. I would recommend playing far fewer tables than you usually would. If you multi-table four or six games, sticking with two turbo poker games is probably a good idea. Remember that you are going to get a new hand almost immediately, so multi-tabling isn’t something that you need to do here. Don’t get too crazy with the multi-tabling action during turbo poker though, as this can be a good way to get in over your head and find yourself having to deal with too many decisions at one time.

What Limits to Play

Playing the right limits is very important as well. If you are used to playing at the $0.10/$0.20 tables, stick with those limits while playing turbo poker, and don’t overdo the multi-tabling again! On top of that though, if you find yourself hitting a bit of a down swing and going on a cooler, then you shouldn’t look to bump up the action for your play, but base your decision off of the size of your bankroll. Either stick with the limits that you are at, or even possibly drop down to the lower limits if you are having a tough run. Going up to the higher limits is just asking to have that bad streak extend and have you potentially lose money!

Raising Position

If there’s one thing that I’ve noticed from playing turbo poker, it’s that you need to be sure to play your position. If you are sitting on the button or somewhere in late position, taking a shot at raising the action and stealing the blinds is a great idea. On top of that though, if you are sitting in the small blind or big blind, and three-bet a late position raise with a mediocre hand, then this can result in you not only getting the blinds, but also getting the original raise as well. Remember the mindset here, players know that they are going to be able to fold and see a new hand instantly, so if they are three-bet and have an average hand, there’s a good chance that they could lay it down and just move on to the next hand at the next table.


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