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  • June 13, 2024

Contrary to popular opinion, that the poker game in the 19th Century began in the United States, the roots go much further in the game’s history, dating from the 10th Century AD in China during the Emperor Mu-Tsung judgment. Although at the time, with dominoes, card was not played, the principles, rules and strategies of the game were very similar to today’s poker. It is believed that the Emperor himself plays this game of dominoes enjoyed with his wife and court officials. This was the beginning of the history of poker.

The game of what are known as Poker in the future, traveled through time and continents to Egypt, India and Persia where it became known, 12 in the and 13 Century as Ganjifa as treasure maps can be translated. These maps were of very thin piece of wood or even ivory, and were only affordable for the very rich. The game reached Europe in the 16th Century and became very popular first is called Primero is known in Italy and Spain, then in France with the name Poque and in Germany as a rap. It was Europe that suits introduced to maps of the Italian tarot cards.

Before playing poker games at poker online terpercaya site, you should know the history to have benefits. The playing of the poker games is with the skills of the players. The beginning of playing games will require the knowing of the rules and laws. 

When French colonialists moved to Canada at the beginning of the 18th Century, they took their Poque with them. He then traveled further south to New Orleans and spread to the first round Louisiana, where it was played at the famous floating saloons and later as the whole country. One of the earliest mentions of contemporary poker in J Hildreth book in the Dragoon Campaigns to the Rocky Mountains in 1836 happened. The game seemed over time, a 20 card deck version with aces, kings, queens, jacks and tens, which were divided between the players to be played to make the best hand, there was no community cards.

Jonathan Green described the poker as a cheating game in his book An Exposure of the Arts and the misery of gambling and then later in his Reformed Gambler book. In 1857, Allen Dowling in his guide to New York City described 20 card poker one of the most dangerous pitfalls to be found in the city. But during this time began the 52-card deck games to increase their popularity and could during the Wild West era and especially during the Civil War poker saloons in each city be found in the United States from the East to the West Coast.

The mid-19th Century saw the introduction of new variations of poker games such as Stud, a cowboy invention were from Ohio and Indiana, 5 Card Draw, which began during the Civil War period, although winning poker hands are not, as we know it today. The 1864 edition of the American Hoyle gives the following winning hands rank a pair, two pairs, straight sequence or rotation, triplets, flush, full house, fours. She adds, If a straight and a flush come together the one hand, it outranks a full ‘fours, but.

Hi-Lo poker games, wither in which a player has a winning hand, as we get the highest and can make a low hand began in 1903 and became popular in the thirties and forties of the 20th Century.

The beginning of the 20th Century saw the birth of the Texas Hold’em poker game that was to come for many years. Originated in Texas it was a mainly a local variant of poker in the rest of the world knows until the 1960s. Poker legend Crandell Addington, who first played in 1959, he said, You did not call it Texas Hold ’em by the time they just called it hold’ em …. I then thought that if it were to catch on, it would play. Draw Poker betting, you only twice, hold ’em, you bet four times. That meant you could play strategically. This was more of a thinking man the game. And how right he was!

It took a couple of years at Texas Hold’em, build on their land and become the poker game. For several years, Golden Nugget casino the only casino in the entire Las Vegas was offering to Texas Holdem games. But that was before the days of the poker tournaments started. 1970 was the first year of World Series of Poker, WSOP, set up by Benny and Jack Binion Horseshoe Casino in her. Texas Holden in the middle of the stage for the first time attract Although the first World Series of Poker did not want a large number of players who have participated in only 6 players in the first series, it was the characters like Doyle Brunson, Johnny Moss and especially Amarillo Slim, who won the bracelet in the third series that Drew the attention of the world to Texas Holdem. From then on, poker and especially Texas Holdem went from strength to strength.

2003 was the beginning of the new Golden Era for poker, when an unknown at the time anchor player Chris Moneymaker won his WSOP bracelet and $ 2.5 million grand prize. This victory changed the world of poker forever. Not only Chris was a very charismatic ordinary guy who played poker as a hobby, he was the first champion to qualify for the company with exclusive WSOP online poker promotions. To get hit popularity in online poker rooms through the roof this year and for many years. Chris showed the usual players in every part of the world that the dream was of the top poker prize within their reach. No one has the $ 10,000 buy-in no longer afford to become the champion in the most prestigious live poker events and win millions of dollars in online poker rooms are willing to give the cards to the players.

It looks like the popularity of online poker goes from strength to strength. This year’s WSOP registration numbers are higher than the year before, despite doom and gloom predictions of some analysis after Black Friday. Online poker rooms offer players a large number of satellites to qualify for poker events to live generous bonuses and many other online poker promotions.


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