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  • May 23, 2024

While it may be true that counting cards is frowned upon and can many times get you in trouble with the gambling establishment that you may be frequenting, at the same time it is one of the only ways that you can successfully ensure that you will tip the odds in your favor and earn money. This is especially important when playing a “numbers” game such as blackjack, as it is one of the best possible ways for you to succeed and the number one thing that professional blackjack players do as well.

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While it’s true, both that you can never guarantee what cards will come your way even if you’re an experienced and professional counter, and that counting every card as they come out of the deck is extremely difficult, there are a few different ways you can both limit the difficulty of counting and increase your success rate. The method that combines both the best and easiest of these is the High-Low Approach.

If anyone has read the book or seen the movie “21,” they may be familiar with this style of card counting. This is by far the easiest way to give you a clear advantage when playing, though at the same time, it does require some skill in order to make sure you can track all cards in real time and keep up with the activity at the table, without making your intent obvious. This approach involves assigning a numerical value to different cards as they come out of the deck. When the numbers are in your favor, wager higher amounts of money, as you will have a higher chance of winning and vice versa.

To elaborate, first divide up a deck into three different sections: Cards valued 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace will have a numerical value of -1, while cards valued 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 shall be given a value of one. 7, 8 and 9 will all be considered neutral numbers and have no value.

If you are playing a game of blackjack where you can see every player’s cards, this strategy is much easier than if you are playing a game where all players hide their hands. However, it can still be applied to both. It is also easiest when there are fewer players at the table, as this allows one deck to last for more hands before it is reshuffled. In addition, this method is most effective in casinos where all cards come from a chute before being reshuffled rather than being automatically shuffled back into the deck, as is done in many casinos in major gambling cities.

As each card is played in both your hand and your opponents’ hands, mentally take note of the number that comes up. When the total value is positive, you should increase your wagers accordingly. A high count means that you are more likely to get a high value card, which can either put you closer to blackjack or cause the dealer to go bust. A low count means that the house has an advantage, as they are less likely to go over 21, and you are less likely to get a high set in the beginning. Therefore, reduce your wagers each round when this happens. In order to maintain continuity, be sure to also divide your total number each round by the number of decks being used by the house. This way you can ensure equal counting in each game you play, without confusing the total values you are dealing with. This will help you to maintain a steady strategy.

While this concept is very simple, actually being able to actively track the numbers during the fast gameplay that is common in most casinos can be quite difficult, and it takes lots of practice to develop the necessary skills. If you are able to do this comfortably, though, it can be a sure-fire way to earn money and succeed at the blackjack tables where you otherwise may not be successful.


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