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  • May 23, 2024

Spanish professional poker player, Sergio Aìdo, a.k.a. ‘Petgaming’ has had quite a good run in 2013, bringing himself to the attention of poker players and enthusiasts world-round. Sergio has established himself as one of the top Spanish tournament players. Aìdo was awarded the Newcomer Award in 2012, and says that his performance in 2013 proves that he deserves the title.

Sergio made 12th place at the World Series of Poker Europe, at the main event, and has since gathered much respect as a strong poker player at the international level. Aìdo also made the final table at the PokerStars tournament – Spring Championship of Online Poker. At the tournament, Sergio made net earnings of about $313,000, and is extremely positive about his performance. 2013 has by far been the most profitable year for the budding poker star, and he says that he wishes to continue his spree for a while, and then perhaps get back into sports. Perhaps, playing situs judi slot and other casino games helped him a lot.

Career and achievements

Sergio Aìdo has a total worth of $630,580 in poker winnings, with a GPI (Global Poker Index) of 1746.23, at 84th, up from his previous 95th. He recently played at the UKIPT main event at London, and made £144,555 at top position. Sergio has a total of two UKIPT wins, and is optimistic about the future.

While he says luck has been on his side for the past year, he also mentions that his online performance has hampered his cash-game strategy, where he promises to work on his body language. Since online poker does not require you to face opponents physically, emotional leaks have not been an issue until now, where Aìdo has faced numerous players at top levels.

2013 for Sergio

2013 has by far been the most successful year for the Spanish poker elite. Sergio Aìdo played alongside the likes of Adrian Mateos, also a Spaniard, Paul Volpe, Anaras Alekberovas, Gaelle Baumann and Shannon Shorr. Though Volpe is well known among the poker community, Aìdo states that most of his strategy relies on deception, making him a rather weak player when compared to others.

Sergio has faced numerous formidable opponents, yet has come out quite strong, and is being regarded as one of Spain’s best poker players. In the past year, Aìdo made about a million dollars move, putting himself at a fairly stable position in the game.

He admits that facing top-class players forced him to be on top of his game, and says that he was impressed by players like Mateos, Shorr, Mike Watson and David Peters. At the beginning of the year, Aìdo was down $35,000 on the poker website PokerStars. However, he recovered the entire amount and more with his $313,000 rake at the main event SCOOP.

Sergio says that he has put a lot of effort into improving his game so that he can match the likes of the top players in the industry. Prior to his poker career, Sergio used to get completely involved in his music while he was still playing, and says that the same goes for poker. Sergio’s success started mid-2012, where he won the WPT national series in his home country. At this point he was also close to making a final table entry at the EPT in Prague. Aìdo says that he has learnt the importance of being on one’s toes at all points due to the variations you can see in live tournaments.

Plans for 2014

Though the poker star says he will continue to put much time into the game, he admits that he has to make improvements so that he can prove his real worth in the sport. Sergio likes the speed at which players make decisions in online poker tournaments, and states that he admires Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom’s game style and speed, yet prefers to take his time in making decisions regardless of the online poker atmosphere he comes from.

His plans for 2014 revolve much around poker, and how much he must work on his game so that he can show that his run till now has not just been an illusion of some kind. However, Aìdo mentions that he misses other aspects of life, such as his music and sports, and claims to want to get back to them soon. As of now though, he will stick to concentrating on poker, and is determined in making himself prominent at professional tables.

Sergio predicts a year where he will be traveling often, playing at various tournaments. He also says that he will spend about one and a half months in Nevada playing hold’em game events and playing through the WSOP. He has also set aside time for the Estrellas Poker Tour and the UKIPT. His first EPT will start with PokerStars’ Caribbean Adventure though, following which he will play the remaining tournaments.

In 2013, Sergio played at six tournaments, and did not have a money finish even once. However, he plans to play tournaments where he will have a total buy-in value of about $60,000 to $80,000, and is determined on making finishing in the money a few times at least. When asked what the player does when he is not playing, he says that he has a bit of on obsessive personality type, and concentrates on little else while he is still in the game. Truth be told though, he mentions that he wishes to soon get back into other aspects of life.


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