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Learn The Tricks Well Before You Play Online Poker

Today, countless people enjoy playing poker online, and amongst many games, Texas Holdem remains the firm favorite of the numerous players. When you belong to one online poker site, but at …

How to Play Razz Poker – Know About The Tricks

The deal moves clockwise, to the left, player by player, in turn on each hand. Typically an ante of a set amount is entered by each player to start the pot …

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Is It Possible Cheat At Roulette Is There Any Proven Roulette Winning Strategy

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Sergio Aido The Past Present And Future

Spanish professional poker player, Sergio Aìdo, a.k.a. ‘Petgaming’ has had quite a good run in 2013, bringing himself to the attention of poker players and enthusiasts world-round. Sergio has established himself …

Worst Sports Gambling Losses

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The Dark Knight Microgaming

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Going High Tech With Online Gambling

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What Is Gambling Addiction

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Getting The Best Of The Casino

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Online Poker Hits Another Roadblock

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Slots Online At Slotland Casino – Learn about slot games 

STOP! before entering a Betting Area. Browse the following first before throwing that dice or playing the Slots. it might save a person lots of money and lots of heartaches. You …


How to Play Razz Poker – Know About The Tricks

The deal moves clockwise, to the left, player by player, in turn on each hand. Typically an ante of a set amount is entered by each player to start the pot …

Taking Advantage Of Different Promotions In Online Poker

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Learn About One Of The Greatest Personalities Of Poker

The Master Men Nguyen probably got his nickname” The Master” due to his devotion to mastering the game. Whatever he may appear on the outside, he is always well prepared for …

Is It Possible Cheat At Roulette Is There Any Proven Roulette Winning Strategy

Roulette is a well-known game that is played in casinos over the world with really entertaining variations like ไฮโลออนไลน์. Human beings even take home a lot of money when they play …

Sergio Aido The Past Present And Future

Spanish professional poker player, Sergio Aìdo, a.k.a. ‘Petgaming’ has had quite a good run in 2013, bringing himself to the attention of poker players and enthusiasts world-round. Sergio has established himself …

Win Cash Playing Texas Holdem! – How To Win More Cash

Full Tilt Poker High stakes poker is Full Tilt’s specialty. Tons of $100 tables to choose from. Highrollers will like the wide range of perks from Full Tilt, plus great software …


Gambling On Political Races Coming To Vegas Casinos

Gambling on political elections has always occurred, but is one of the lesser utilized forms of betting. While it is not widely done in the United States, online sportsbooks and casinos …

How to Play Razz Poker – Know About The Tricks

The deal moves clockwise, to the left, player by player, in turn on each hand. Typically an ante of a set amount is entered by each player to start the pot …

Mobile Gambling Online Poker

This problem needs to be addressed, and you need to understand how to avoid it. It is simply a fact of life that people are going to take advantage of other …

Poker Chronicles Essentials Live Ten Commandments Basic Rules Casino Beginner Common Mistakes Bankroll Coaching Training

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Smart Counting At The Blackjack Table – Check the tables

While it may be true that counting cards is frowned upon and can many times get you in trouble with the gambling establishment that you may be frequenting, at the same time it is one of the only ways that you can successfully ensure that you will tip the odds in your favor and earn money. This is especially important when playing a “numbers” game such as blackjack, as it is one of the best possible ways for you to succeed and the number one thing that professional blackjack players do as well.

You will get guarantee for winnings while playing at บาคาร่า casino. The playing of the games is with the right approach to get more winnings. The beginners should understand the rules and regulations to have more winnings. You will get success at the online platform to have more winnings. 

While it’s true, both that you can never guarantee what cards will come your way even if you’re an experienced and professional counter, and that counting every card as they come out of the deck is extremely difficult, there are a few different ways you can both limit the difficulty of counting and increase your success rate. The method that combines both the best and easiest of these is the High-Low Approach.

If anyone has read the book or seen the movie “21,” they may be familiar with this style of card counting. This is by far the easiest way to give you a clear advantage when playing, though at the same time, it does require some skill in order to make sure you can track all cards in real time and keep up with the activity at the table, without making your intent obvious. This approach involves assigning a numerical value to different cards as they come out of the deck. When the numbers are in your favor, wager higher amounts of money, as you will have a higher chance of winning and vice versa.

To elaborate, first divide up a deck into three different sections: Cards valued 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace will have a numerical value of -1, while cards valued 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 shall be given a value of one. 7, 8 and 9 will all be considered neutral numbers and have no value.

If you are playing a game of blackjack where you can see every player’s cards, this strategy is much easier than if you are playing a game where all players hide their hands. However, it can still be applied to both. It is also easiest when there are fewer players at the table, as this allows one deck to last for more hands before it is reshuffled. In addition, this method is most effective in casinos where all cards come from a chute before being reshuffled rather than being automatically shuffled back into the deck, as is done in many casinos in major gambling cities.

As each card is played in both your hand and your opponents’ hands, mentally take note of the number that comes up. When the total value is positive, you should increase your wagers accordingly. A high count means that you are more likely to get a high value card, which can either put you closer to blackjack or cause the dealer to go bust. A low count means that the house has an advantage, as they are less likely to go over 21, and you are less likely to get a high set in the beginning. Therefore, reduce your wagers each round when this happens. In order to maintain continuity, be sure to also divide your total number each round by the number of decks being used by the house. This way you can ensure equal counting in each game you play, without confusing the total values you are dealing with. This will help you to maintain a steady strategy.

While this concept is very simple, actually being able to actively track the numbers during the fast gameplay that is common in most casinos can be quite difficult, and it takes lots of practice to develop the necessary skills. If you are able to do this comfortably, though, it can be a sure-fire way to earn money and succeed at the blackjack tables where you otherwise may not be successful.

The Rules That You Need To Know To Play Blackjack

The best thing about casinos is poker. They are the best part of the place. The reason for it is that poker is not a completely luck-based game. You have the liberty to use your brains and can also change them out. There are many types of poker games on agen poker. Some are simple to play while others are complicated. There are others who take hours to finish a game. Learn that, it may seem that the pokers are player by an idle person. No one can sit around for hours to play the same games. However, that is the fun of poker. No one gets bored. With time, it turns out to be interesting. One came that is quite popular is the blackjack.

What is the blackjack?

Blackjack is also popularly known as twenty-one among many casinos. It is a card game that is played on agen poker, with the dealer and not among competitors. At the same time, a maximum of 6 players can play with the dealer as the opponent. The aim of the game is to get as close to 21. The person who gets the close is the clear winner of the game. However, if the person goes over 21, then he loses the game.

How to play?

The game is started with a deck of 52 cards. The cards are shuffled and two cards from each are drawn. Two are for the dealer and two for the player. The dealer shows one of his cards and hides the other. The numbers in the cards are added up. If the card that was drawn for you is a face card then the value is 10 and the card is an ace that can either of 11 or 1 as a value. Once the numbers are added it is seen if the number is close to 21. However, the whole objective of this game is to get as close to 21.

Now comes the most interesting part of the game. It may happen that a player has already reached 21 then he is a clear winner call the natural win or blackjack. However, if no one has reached the number then he has an option to draw another card called the hit. Once that is drawn he has to add the number again and see if it near to 21. The players and the dealer have to keep accepting cards until they reach 17 or go over 21, which is called robust. Once they have reached 17 it is their choice if they want to hit or stop. Once everyone has stopped the one, who is closed to 21 wins the game.


This is the basic rule of blackjack. The rules changes from casino to casino, hence before playing this game make sure that you know the rules of the casino better.

Advantages Of Online Poker

Online poker is a very popular game which has really been a massive success worldwide. In the years gone, there were a large number of poker players and these numbers have since skyrocketed since the launch of online poker. Well, as we all know, there are some factors which make online poker greater than offline poker. The factors that make online such an appealing game to many are outlined below:

This game is ideal for those with a tight schedule. You can play it while eating, talking on your phone, watching TV and you can also play at one time on multiple tables! You just need a computer with reliable internet and there you go.

The game can also benefit you economically. It is played at a higher pace and you can play more hands for ten times in one hour unlike in the conventional poker room. This has the effect of significantly raising your chances of winning and the number of wins because there are multiple tables.

Online poker games and judi online24jam bola are also easily accessible thus convenient. You can have the game for 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You can play the game even in bed! The game also has various promotions for all those who wish to play. There is also the advantage of being alone since no one is monitoring you like in offline poker.

What does it take to be successful in online poker?

In online poker there are some characteristics that distinguish great players from the average ones. Some of these characteristics are discussed below:

You have to be disciplined in order to win consecutively with online poker. Don’t get carried away even if you are feeling lucky. You should when to stop, what hands you can or cannot play and what sort of games are good for you.

You should only seize challenges you know you have a chance and only if you match the bids involved. You have to be careful not to end up taking huge challenges that might overwhelm you just because of pride. Make sure you play in poker rooms with players of the same level as yours.

Don’t play online poker when you are in emotional distress. Playing the game should be fun, it should not feel like an obligation and you should always play when sober and never play when you aren’t feeling well.

The only constant thing in life is change, they say. It is the same with online poker. You have to shift gears in online poker constantly if you are to be successful. You should be able to change the style of play often so that players don’t master your pattern of player. In the process you can find that you have improved your online poker game.

Sergio Aido The Past Present And Future

Spanish professional poker player, Sergio Aìdo, a.k.a. ‘Petgaming’ has had quite a good run in 2013, bringing himself to the attention of poker players and enthusiasts world-round. Sergio has established himself as one of the top Spanish tournament players. Aìdo was awarded the Newcomer Award in 2012, and says that his performance in 2013 proves that he deserves the title.

Sergio made 12th place at the World Series of Poker Europe, at the main event, and has since gathered much respect as a strong poker player at the international level. Aìdo also made the final table at the PokerStars tournament – Spring Championship of Online Poker. At the tournament, Sergio made net earnings of about $313,000, and is extremely positive about his performance. 2013 has by far been the most profitable year for the budding poker star, and he says that he wishes to continue his spree for a while, and then perhaps get back into sports. Perhaps, playing situs judi slot and other casino games helped him a lot.

Career and achievements

Sergio Aìdo has a total worth of $630,580 in poker winnings, with a GPI (Global Poker Index) of 1746.23, at 84th, up from his previous 95th. He recently played at the UKIPT main event at London, and made £144,555 at top position. Sergio has a total of two UKIPT wins, and is optimistic about the future.

While he says luck has been on his side for the past year, he also mentions that his online performance has hampered his cash-game strategy, where he promises to work on his body language. Since online poker does not require you to face opponents physically, emotional leaks have not been an issue until now, where Aìdo has faced numerous players at top levels.

2013 for Sergio

2013 has by far been the most successful year for the Spanish poker elite. Sergio Aìdo played alongside the likes of Adrian Mateos, also a Spaniard, Paul Volpe, Anaras Alekberovas, Gaelle Baumann and Shannon Shorr. Though Volpe is well known among the poker community, Aìdo states that most of his strategy relies on deception, making him a rather weak player when compared to others.

Sergio has faced numerous formidable opponents, yet has come out quite strong, and is being regarded as one of Spain’s best poker players. In the past year, Aìdo made about a million dollars move, putting himself at a fairly stable position in the game.

He admits that facing top-class players forced him to be on top of his game, and says that he was impressed by players like Mateos, Shorr, Mike Watson and David Peters. At the beginning of the year, Aìdo was down $35,000 on the poker website PokerStars. However, he recovered the entire amount and more with his $313,000 rake at the main event SCOOP.

Sergio says that he has put a lot of effort into improving his game so that he can match the likes of the top players in the industry. Prior to his poker career, Sergio used to get completely involved in his music while he was still playing, and says that the same goes for poker. Sergio’s success started mid-2012, where he won the WPT national series in his home country. At this point he was also close to making a final table entry at the EPT in Prague. Aìdo says that he has learnt the importance of being on one’s toes at all points due to the variations you can see in live tournaments.

Plans for 2014

Though the poker star says he will continue to put much time into the game, he admits that he has to make improvements so that he can prove his real worth in the sport. Sergio likes the speed at which players make decisions in online poker tournaments, and states that he admires Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom’s game style and speed, yet prefers to take his time in making decisions regardless of the online poker atmosphere he comes from.

His plans for 2014 revolve much around poker, and how much he must work on his game so that he can show that his run till now has not just been an illusion of some kind. However, Aìdo mentions that he misses other aspects of life, such as his music and sports, and claims to want to get back to them soon. As of now though, he will stick to concentrating on poker, and is determined in making himself prominent at professional tables.

Sergio predicts a year where he will be traveling often, playing at various tournaments. He also says that he will spend about one and a half months in Nevada playing hold’em game events and playing through the WSOP. He has also set aside time for the Estrellas Poker Tour and the UKIPT. His first EPT will start with PokerStars’ Caribbean Adventure though, following which he will play the remaining tournaments.

In 2013, Sergio played at six tournaments, and did not have a money finish even once. However, he plans to play tournaments where he will have a total buy-in value of about $60,000 to $80,000, and is determined on making finishing in the money a few times at least. When asked what the player does when he is not playing, he says that he has a bit of on obsessive personality type, and concentrates on little else while he is still in the game. Truth be told though, he mentions that he wishes to soon get back into other aspects of life.

History Of Online Poker

The game of poker dates back more than ten centuries and is believed to have evolved from a wide range of various card games. Although poker has used these other card games in its evolution it has always held its basic principles high card rankings and also the use of bluffs to deceive opposing players. There has been speculation that the Chinese were the founders of the game with historical data tracing the origins of the game as far back as nine hundred and sixty-nine where it is believed that the emperor of the time Mu Tsung was a keen player as he used to play it with his wife. The Egyptians are also noted in history for participating in card games of this type with data suggesting they were avid fans of such games during the twelfth century.

In the sixteenth century, the Persians would also play these sorts of card games where they were called `Ganijfa` or `treasure cards`. Ganijfa card games consisted of ninety-six cards per deck which were usually made from very thin slices of precious wood or for the more upper-class ivory. The most popular card game of that era was named `As Nas` which would use twenty-five of the cards where there would be various rounds of betting using these then-new cards. The French during the seventeenth and eighteenth-century created their own version of these games which they called `Poque`, the Germans also had a game of this sort which they aptly named `Pochen`. Both of these games were derived from the sixteenth-century Spanish game called `Primero` where each player would be dealt three cards where the players would bluff or place high stake bets to deceive their opponent. The game Primero dates all the way back to fifteen twenty-seven where it was played frequently and for many is the birthplace and time of the now hugely popular poker.

The game of poker during the eighteenth century was exported to the new world by French colonials as this was one of their favorite pass times and before long it had spread from Louisiana all the way up the Mississippi River and eventually the whole country. One of the earliest references to the game poker dates back to eighteen thirty-four where Jonathon Green published in his writings that he called it `the cheating game`. This `cheating game` spread like wildfire across the globe and gave birth to the now-famous gambling circuit. Nearly all gamers embraced this new game as they believed it was more challenging and ultimately more honest than its predecessor `the three-card game` which was widely thought of as rigged.

During the days of the Wild West poker became an overnight phenomenon with poker tables readily available at all saloons in nearly every town across the US. During the period of the civil war, poker was even more popular as soldiers of both armies played the game during their free time. It took two centuries but eventually, poker became the ultimate in gambling activities for all who played it and its popularity has increased in strength from year to year. People now see poker as a way to use tactics and other methods to increase their wealth as well as providing many intellectuals with an extra opportunity to test their knowledge and methods. Now that we have modern casinos like Bookmaker 1xbet in Italia, it is much more easier and entertaining for players to get a seamless casino experience whenever they want. 

Myths And Truths About Slots Online – Know the reality

Slot machines or slot games are probably the mostly played casino games in the world. They are played on both on the typical land casino or on the internet online. Slot machines are a very good game to play which provide great fun and enthusiasm to the players. In the beginning slots were only played in the land casino but now slots are more played online as compared to land casinos. You can play online slots for free using virtual money or even real game with real money.

There are too many myths about the slots online which say that online slots are not reliable and do not provide correct icons to win the game. And that there is a very less chance of winning on online slot machines as compared to real slot machines. By many people it is a fact that the chances of winning on online slots increases with the passage of time. Some of the myths and there truths are described and explained below:

Online sports betting at bandar pragmatic terpercaya will provide more bonuses and jackpots to the bettors. There is an increase in the cash balance of the players. The avoidance of myths and accepting the benefits is essential for the placing of stakes at the online platform. 

The first very common myth about the online slot games is that the programming done in the online slot machines is to give payout at specific times and when there is too much volume traffic. The truth is that all online casino games are subjected to the fair rules and regulations which are monitored by many gaming organizations and commissions. These organizations do check after a passage of time that online casinos are up to the standards and there is no unfair dealing going on. Another thing is that the online casinos are here for some business and if they found cheating than they will loose everything which they had earned. So doing something fishy is not a great deal for an online casino businessman.

Another myth is that if one hits the Super Slots Casino jackpot on a particular game than hitting the jackpot again in the same game is impossible. The above sentence is totally wrong. We must understand the basic calculation and system of the online slots. They are constructed and programmed to produce random numbers or icons. If a person hits the jackpot, than he can hit another jackpot in the same game. The program of the slot operates automatically and there is no one to stop it to hitting another jackpot in the same game.

One more famous myth is that if a machine had not hit the jackpot for a longtime then there is a great chance for hitting a jackpot with a large payout. The truth is that the online slots possess a random number generator. The random number generator generates random number at each and every time. The new spin does not know about the previous spins and not even about the spins which will be done. So it means that it operates on complete randomness system.

As you can understand that online slots is a game of complete luck and chance. People have to admit this and must not make false claims about the online slot machines. As the matter of fact the online slots are here to spread some fun among the people.

Chronicles Of An Online Poker Player Part Five

Now right away you are going to say, “Give me the ace-king any day of the week!” Well, sometimes I might agree, but statistically speaking, any pair is better than ace-king. Now if it is ace-king suited, that is a different story. But in the end, any pair will have slightly better odds at winning a hand. I am not suggesting that ace-king doesn’t rule! I am merely saying that “statistically speaking,” you have begun your hand with a pair, and it is better than not having one in the first place, that is why pairs are better starting hands. Many will say I am crazy, but the truth is in the math.

How many cards in a deck? If you don’t know that, lawn darts is probably a better game suited for you. Of course it is 52 cards! If you take the 2 deuces (with 50 cards remaining), you will have 5 shots at catching one (or both) of the other 2 on the flop, 4th street and the river. Remember now, there are 13 sets of four cards. So in the case of the ace-king, you will have 6 shots at catching the 3 aces and the 3 kings. Wouldn’t that prove the odds are better for the ace-king? The answer is both yes, and no.

You can go online to several “poker calculators” and make your own hands up. If you are using a poker calculator with a smaller table of 5 or 6, the ace-king prevails as a better starting hand at about 33% over the deuces at 22% of winning the hand. But once you stretch out the table to the regulation of 10 players, the odds drop significantly, giving the pair the edge over the ace-king. Now having ace-king suited improves your odds of winning the hand because now a flush is in the mix. This doesn’t necessarily mean shoving all of your hard earned dollars to the middle now. Many times I’ve seen (and personally suffered) when going all-in with ace-king and losing to a smaller pair. You need to be strategic when playing 365bet and other poker games.

We also have to remember that not all the cards are being dealt. Several players will perhaps have one, or both of your cards. That can be a huge problem. Now if you are the one with the 2’s and someone in front of you makes a significant raise, you may think about folding. If it is a small raise, stick around and see what might happen. Now you may be going up against a much bigger issue….a high pair, like aces or kings. Then death is most likely the best way out. Just stick one of those deuces in your neck.

This leads me to another great quandary. How can you read another player’s bets by how they are betting? I see it all of the time where there’s a raise in pre-flop, and then a check after the flop by that same player. You may think this is a “trap.” “Trapping” a player is usually making them think they didn’t catch anything and they check, hoping the other players will bet, where he can pounce on them with a huge raise. But there are times when you can tell when someone has “only” ace-king. They flounder a little in their wagering. You can feel a little lack of confidence, especially when you don’t see an ace or a king on the table. They may even bet, thinking you will fold, but when you call, the next bet is smaller, or there is no bet at all. That is when you move in for the kill.

Omaha — Online Poker Swamp

Omaha poker may be the fastest-growing segment of the poker world and read more about the reasons why Omaha is popular. Omaha games typically have the largest pots compared to the stakes they are played at and tend to be exciting games with lots of big confrontations. Omaha is technically a Holdem game, but most references to “Holdem” mean Texas Holdem. For our purposes, “Holdem” means Texas Holdem, and “Omaha” means Omaha (reasonably). Like Holdem, Omaha is a community card game, with five cards on the board. The most obvious difference is that each player receives four hole cards instead of just two.

Learning Omaha is much easier if the player understands Holdem first. For an introduction to Holdem, see our separate article on the subject, then return here. Once the player understands the basic rules and structure of Holdem, they can begin to learn Omaha. Other than two very important rules, Omaha is played virtually identically to Holdem. The first rule difference is the four-hole cards dealt with each player. The second is known as the two-card rule.

The Two Card Rule

Beginning Omaha players almost always make this mistake once. Although you are dealt four hole cards, you must use exactly two of them, along with exactly three of the board cards to make a five-card poker hand. If the board contains five of the same suit, but you do not have at least two of that suit in your hole cards, you do not have a flush. If you make the mistake of playing as if the two-card rule was not necessary, don’t worry too much. Most people (even the best players in the world) have made this mistake at least once. If you do not repeat the mistake, consider yourself lucky.

Learning and applying the two-card rule to determine the best hand you can make takes practice, but is extremely important. To read the board, consider what the best possible hand is when using any three of them. Ask these questions:

Is there a pair on the board? If so a full house or quads is the best possible hand.

Are there three or more cards of the same suit on the board? If so, a player holding two of that suit in their hand has a flush. The players with the highest flush cards in their hand will win with the higher flush.

If there are not three flush cards or a pair on the board, the best possible hand might be a straight (if there are three cards on the board that could be part of a five-card sequence). The highest straight wins. If a square is not possible, the best possible hand is three of a kind (called a set) where the player holds two cards of one rank in their hand that matches another on the board. The highest set would win.

Effects of Four Hole Cards

With each player holding four hole cards, the likelihood that someone has the best possible hand, or close to it, is greatly increased. If you are accustomed to playing Holdem, you will find that in Omaha, pairs rarely win, two pair doesn’t win often, and even three of a kind is difficult to win with. If there were several players in the hand, and your hand value is relatively weak by Omaha standards, you should not be concerned about folding the best hand, as you probably don’t have it.

Win Cash Playing Texas Holdem! – How To Win More Cash

Full Tilt Poker

High stakes poker is Full Tilt’s specialty. Tons of $100 tables to choose from. Highrollers will like the wide range of perks from Full Tilt, plus great software to play in. Highly recommended. Sign Up Today and Get a $600 Sign Up Bonus from Best Poker Websites and Full Tilt Poker. 5 4 3 2 1 1

Pacific Poker

Every Sunday at 16:00 PPT Get your chance to share a Guaranteed $50,000 prize pool by playing at the Multi-tables and Sit & Go satellites, starting from as little as $1+$0.10 or direct buy-ins from $65+$5! To enter log in to the Pacific Poker Client and click on the $50,000 tab where you can reserve your seat at the $50,000 Guaranteed today! 5 4 3 2 1 1

A click at the https://buddyping.com/slots site will allow you to choose the correct games to play and win exciting prizes. There are guaranteed winnings available to the players. You can know about them to have a winning experience at the platform. It is offering a lot of benefits to the bettors or players.

Noble Poker

A special $100,000 GP tournament will be held on the 29th of January at 17:00 (Server time). The weekly $15,000 GP tournament will not be held on that week. $200 + $15 buy-in. Freezeout. Ongoing Sit ‘N’ Go satellites $21.5 + $2 (10 players). 2 Daily MTQ’s at 17:00 (server time), $21.5 + $2, 1 seat for every 10 players that register to the satellite and at 22:00 (server time), $10.75 + $1, 1 seat for every 20 players that register to the satellite. Minimum players 50 5 4 3 2 1

Party Poker

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Playing Better Tournament Poker

I was having a discussion with some people on a poker forum a few days ago about just what it took these days to win a large field poker tournament with several thousand entries. I have always prided myself on being an accomplished poker player but I just don’t feel that I have the game to wade through huge fields of several thousand players. Let us break down a field of 2000 players into a microcosm of a ten player single table where each player started with T1500 in chips.

Now there are certain things that you can control in a poker game but most of what actually happens in it is largely out of your control. In fact it is this assumed control that can cause tilt with many players because they wrongly believe that they have more control over events than they really have. This applies even more in cash games but that is largely a different story and so we will leave it there. However let us say that in this fictional but all too realistic one table tournament that you started out playing fairly solidly.

Now let us say that two players became involved with each other and one player was eliminated, this would automatically mean that one player now had T3000 in chips which is double your stack. If another two players were involved in an all-in as well then this would mean that two players would have a stack of T3000 while your own stack would have probably eroded down to around T1400. So you have done nothing wrong but already two players have a stack that is more than twice the size of your stack. You may be now closer to the money because two players have been eliminated but you are further away from first place than you were at the start in terms of chip position.

Now let us say that this event happens again with two players getting involved with each other and then the two big stacks also get involved with each other. Suddenly someone has a stack of T6000 while you have around T1300. Couple this with blind increases and suddenly your stack doesn’t have too many big blinds left in it. This is despite the fact that you have done nothing wrong whatsoever and just played normal solid poker. The fact of the matter is that the cards and the situations just didn’t fall your way.

Now if we compound that to a large tournament and multiply that effect by several hundred fold then it is clear to see that in many occasions you will simply never have the chance to go deep in a big tournament and final table it. I have often argued that thousands upon thousands of tournament players that frequent these large events simply do not have a winning style. By “winning” then I am referring to a style that is capable of actually winning the tournament and not just going relatively deep.

Many otherwise “good” tournament players tend to only get their really good results in smaller fields where variance is less of a factor and there are far fewer “gamblers” in the field. As a solid tournament player then you will always struggle to deal with the collective mass of “gamblers” and loose players coupled with strong tournament players who are not afraid of variance and busting out early. This means that the sad fact is that many otherwise very capable poker players simply do not have the optimal style to win poker tournaments with several thousand players in them.

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