• Bnews24, New York
  • June 13, 2024

Online poker in the United Sates faces another roadblock as of November 17th. It seems a certain rich man with a vested interest in keeping online poker off the market has once again surfaced to tell us just how bad internet gaming will be for us…err, for him.

Sheldon Adelson is the name you need to know and he’s one of the richest men in the country. He has been fighting to keep online poker off the web since it was shut down on Black Friday years ago. He has a good reason to do so as he is invested heavily in land based casinos and fears the potential losses his casinos will face if online poker and gambling goes live.

The reality is, he fears the truth, as online poker and casinos will only help Mr. Adelson own casino conglomerates. Most land based casinos are all in with online gambling and see it as a way to not only boost their bottom line through the online market, but also as a way to get more people in the casinos.

The few online sites already up have promotions and perks for their players to get free stuff in their live casinos. Free hotel rooms, meals and all the good stuff you would expect are up for grabs at most of the online sites already.

While many supporters of online poker feel that this is just one man in our way, we actually have very good reason to fear this. Also, this is also applicable on mega888.

Adelson is one of the biggest campaign supporters and set a record last year with his campaign contributions. He is lobbying for the support of his efforts by getting Arkansas senator – Blanche Lincoln, former New York Governor George Pataki and former Denver Mayor – Wellington Webb on his side.

The casino mogul has already stated to hire lobbying firms and public relations teams to help him fight his cause. And, at the beginning of the New Year, Adelson plans on rolling out his advocacy group – The Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling.

His main argument is that internet gambling will tempt young ones and others who are vulnerable to the lure of gambling. His main target is that of African Americans and Hispanics as well as women. They appear to the most likely to support his cause.

While this man does pose a real threat to online gambling, my opinion is that it will not stop the move to legalize online gambling.

All of the politicians that Adelson backed in 2012 lost and he really only has the power of money behind him. Most of the people who actually matter when it comes to the legalization of online gambling are already on the side of support for it. Unless he can pay, I mean sway their opinions, its unlikely any of this will do any good.

The only real threat comes in states that are already against online poker such as Utah, and Iowa. These states would likely jump on board at some point, but it will probably be a bit longer before they realize the potential income that online gambling will bring to their broke governments.


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