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  • June 13, 2024

After the invention of the first gambling site, this industry started developing with really fast tempos. In a few years a whole number of new online casinos were established in absolutely different countries across the world. The number of gamblers was increasing as well as the number of dishonest gambling sites. That’s why it was necessary to begin regulating this branch as in any other case the consequences could be disastrous. As a result online casino licensing has become a necessary and integral part of gambling.

Today every good gambling site should obtain a license to meet the requirements of this or that country and to be considered absolutely legal. In modern world there are several countries which have a right to grant a license and they are usually situated at offshore territories. Only a handful of current gaming jurisdictions is reputable and they give a license to the majority of sites. But what country was the first one which started obtaining licenses?

It was the island country Antigua and Barbuda which was established in 1994 and in fact it became a pioneer in this sphere and was the first which granted a license to USA online casino. The country decided to take the benefits from available opportunitites and to make a good contribution to its economy. Antigua and Barbuda has one body which is the Division of Gaming in jurisdiction, which has been established under the Financial Services Regulatory Commission.

There is not just a single licensing body for the online casinos. No matter under which authority the online casino is licensed, the thing that matters is their licensing. A person should go through the legal document that proves that the platform is licensed. In general, K7bola is considered as a licensed platform.

Antigua and Barbuda controls the activity of gambling sites which are under the control of this gaming jurisdiction. In fact the basis of granting a license was established within a framework of the Interactive Gaming and Interactive Wagering Regulations. All online casinos, according to the existing laws, are considered to be financial institutions. It helps to put the sites under the laws such as Anri-Money Laundering and Caribbean Financial Action Task Force.

Antigua and Barbuda is a large gaming jurisdiction which gave licenses to more than fifty online casinos, the majority of which is powered by Playtech. In fact this company may be trusted and it has rather good reputation. However, it came across certain difficulties, connected with online gambling in the USA. You know that in 2006 the authorities passed the law which restricted the opportunities for operation of gambling sites. That’s why this gaming jurisdiction lost the right to give liceses. However, it took the matter to the World Trade Organization. WTO settled it in favor of Antigua and Barbuda. Nevertheless, the USA remaines silent. So till nowadays people from the USA cannot play in online casinos with the license from this jurisdiction.

In spite of all difficulties Antigua and Barbuda is considered to be highly reputable. It carefully checks the activity of online casinos beforehand and afterwords. This online casino licensing body has established strict rules and requirements which can be applied to gambling sites. It has developed three directions of online casino investigation. So it checks the prevention of money laundering, enhancement of gambling industry and the actions concerning the customers. It introduce an approach “Know Your Customer”, according to which gambling sites should carefully explore players’ accounts. They should provide with enhanced security measures which guarantee that personal information as well as the information about any deposit method would be unavailable to frauds and hackers.

So top online casinos which are licensed in Antigua and Barbuda gaming jurisdiction are Casino Del Rio, Casino Tropez, Millionaire Casino, VIP Slots Casino and several others. You are welcome to enjoy playing at sich sites!


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