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The following picks are the games and props I would pursue for 2011 NFL week 4. Please leave comments below.

Most Passing Yards

Phillip Rivers (7-1)

Rivers is currently 4th in the NFL in passing yards. The Chargers face off against the Miami Dolphins who have allowed the third most passing yards in the league. Even without Antonio Gates, I like this matchup for Rivers more than Stafford (6-1) on the road, Brady (3-1) against the run heavy Raiders, or Romo (5-1) against one of the surprising secondaries in the Lions. Rivers has value at 7-1 and a great chance in passing for a season high.

Most Rushing Yards

Darren McFadden (6-1)

Shortly after I picked McFadden at 6-1, his odds grew to 7-1 on Sportsbook.com. New England is only allowing slightly over 90 yards per game, but McFadden has quickly emerged as one of the premier running backs in the NFL. The Raiders are 1st in rushing and will plan on going directly at the Patriots defense. At 7-1 McFadden is a steal for rushing for the most yards in week 4.

Most Receiving Yards

Stevie Johnson Buffalo Bills (14-1)

This is my favorite line of the week. The Bills are 11th in passing and the Bengals are 5th in pass defense, so why would I like this line? The Bengals first three opponents have been the 49ers, Broncos, and the Browns who are 28th, 22nd, and 25th in pass offense respectively. Any team’s secondary would look good against those opponents. Fitzpatrick threw for 369 last week and hit Stevie Johnson for 8 receptions for a total of 94 yards for Johnson’s second consecutive 8 catch game. Johnson will breakout this week, and is an amazing value at 14-1.

Highest Scoring Team

San Diego Chargers Vs. Miami Dolphins (6-1)

The Dolphins are bad, really bad. Along with Rivers throwing for the 4th most yards in the NFL so far, the Chargers running game has been solid as well. The Chargers are at home against the 0-3 Dolphins, and should put up big numbers, take them at 6-1.

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