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  • May 23, 2024

Earning comps in Las Vegas casinos can be a somewhat mysterious process for a lot of gamblers. Although every casino rates players using different criteria, there are some basic fundamentals to keep in mind that can improve your chances of receiving discounted or free rooms, meals, show tickets, and other hotel goodies. www.ufabet is there to help you with those rules and regulations so that you can win those freebies at these casinos.

No matter what hotel you’re at, it all starts with signing up for a player’s club card. Keep in mind that many of the hotels on the Vegas Strip are owned by the same parent corporation so many cards will be accepted at multiple properties. Player’s Club cards are used by hotels to track and rate your play at table games and slots, which brings us to the specific fundamentals of how each is evaluated.

How Casinos Evaluate Comps At The Tables

The key piece of information a casino needs to know to rate your level of play is to figure out how much you are spending, and how long you are playing. At the tables, this evaluation all begins with how much cash you exchange for chips when you first sit down. Casino’s employ managers, commonly known as pit bosses, who amongst other things, evaluate gamblers and how much they bet and how often. If you want to have your play rated, present your card when you sit down at a table and be prepared to buy in for a few hundred dollars if you want to be taken seriously for comps.

The amount that you exchange for chips isn’t the only consideration, however. Pit bosses will be looking periodically to see that you are betting consistently and they are all too wise to wannabe high rollers that buy-in big and then place minimum bets. Different hotels will have different standards of evaluation but as a rule of thumb, plan on betting $25 a hand at the blackjack table for several hours if you want to be considered for a significant room or meal comp.

Some gamblers will tell you that you need to bet big when the pit boss is watching, but this can be tough to monitor so consistent wagering is still your best bet if you want to maximize your comp potential. Smaller hotels may rate your play at $10 tables but most of the larger Strip hotels will likely be uninterested. Remember, the casinos break it all down into profit potential to determine how much they can give you to entice you to keep playing. The pit boss is in essence determining how many hands you can play per hour, multiplied by how much you are betting. The resulting number is then weighed against the house’s “edge” on the game to calculate how much potential revenue you represent. Each casino usually has a percentage of this revenue potential that they are willing to give back in the form of meal and room comps.

When you are done playing, it is appropriate to ask for a comp to a buffet or a show. Just be realistic and above all else, be polite! The casino wants you to be happy but when it comes to comps it always pays to be nice.

How Casinos Evaluate Comps At The Slots

At the tables, the pit bosses do a bit of guessing when it comes to evaluating your play, but at the slots, it’s all about computer monitoring. Most slot comps are evaluated on the basis of points. Each casino has a different way of calculating points, but for the most part, a predetermined number of dollars played on slots equals one point. Keep in mind that points are earned from the number of credits played, not the number of credits you win. Each casino will have a different formula for how many points you’ll need for a comp, but many casinos have machines you can use to check your point balance on. Most slots will also tell you how many points you’ve accrued when you insert your card.

With this information in mind, the key to earning comps on slots is to just keep playing. If you’re playing with a spouse, it’s a good idea to request two player’s cards with the same number so that your points will be combined and you will be eligible for better rewards. As with the tables, you’re going to get better comps if you’re getting more and playing more so don’t expect a free steak dinner if you’re playing the penny slots!

Although comps are thought of as benefits available only to high rollers, there is one comp that every gambler is eligible for regardless of how big their bankroll is, free drinks! Instead of getting bogged down in ratings and formulas, get your players card, order your favorite drink, and have fun playing. If the comps don’t find you during your trip, they’re bound to find you in your mailbox at home in the near future.


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