• Bnews24, New York
  • June 13, 2024

Poker is so complicated, there’s so many forms got: Cash Games, Tournaments, Pot Limit Omaha (PLO), No Limit / Limit Texas Holdem, Stud, Mixed Games, Draw Games, Online Casino there are all of these different kinds of games and they all require skills to become good at them. The most important thing there is to pick one thing, that you really love, you really enjoy or you know you’re good at. But before remember these Poker Rules, it’s pointless to play poker without knowing them.

You need to find one form online poker and then really hit your stride in it really make a lot of your money there, get things going, break down the spots, putting a lot of work there. You can look at your hands, results and you can see where you went wrong. You can analyze «where do I need help». That’s the thing about poker, you get to love your job if you become a professional or High Stakes online poker player. You can become a successful player at pkv poker site with the right skills. The placing of the stakes is at the best poker table to have the desired results. The analyzing of the rules is great at the online casino and delivery of the best results is possible. 

Now you picked game, that you want to play, it’s time to figure what bank will management strategy to be and what poker sites to play on. We always give the same advice 30-50 buy-ins in cash and 100 buy-ins tournaments, little bit more or a little bit less based in situations. But if you’re very good player and have a very high tolerance for swings, you can be on the aggressive side. You can use 20-25 buy-ins in cash and 50 buy-ins tournaments, but you’re going into that knowing you could lose a lot of your net worth at any time.

Next step, if you have a certain poker bankroll, you should be doing the research in order to figure out where to play, find what the rake is like and compare it across sites, figure out what your edge is best. You need to look at three things:

  • what the poker rake is?
  • what the structure is like?
  • what the players pool is like?

in that order, but if the structure is really bad it could be more important. Figure out where you will end up paying the least rake buy in and play on that site.

Last up here we want to talk about winning in poker, what creates edge and how does one person beat another person in poker, it always boils down to two things:

you get someone to fold their equity in the pot (they give you equity);

you get someone to put money into the pot, when they don’t have enough equity to continue (thus you know making you money on a value hand).

You should be basing your strategies on those two things, both of those things and use the same exact strategy with your good and your bad hands, bet sizing, etc. You can have a style that’s more based around getting people to fold, I tend to usually have that style. You can also have a style that’s more based around getting people to put in a lot of money with bad hands, I definitely use that against on opponents. Heads up is kind of great, you get to do some of both.

Your strategy has to take from both these to create edge, to be making your opponent make mistakes and be winning money over the long run. But if you’re neglecting one side, you’re going to be a weak player and you’re gonna have a hard time winning. So what you need to be doing if you’re trying to become a professional poker player:

pick a poker game free type;

figure out, what kind of bank management you should use;

figure out, where (poker sites) you should play;

Stick to those things, look at you’re playing, think about those two types of winning and make sure you’re doing both. You’re getting folds and you’re getting the value in all the spots in poker and that is how you can win money playing poker.


Rita Price is the content crafter at Yumise. She is a Texas Hold’em expert and wishes to learn more about all the new updates and technology that is being introduced in this industry,