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  • May 23, 2024

The game of poker dates back more than ten centuries and is believed to have evolved from a wide range of various card games. Although poker has used these other card games in its evolution it has always held its basic principles high card rankings and also the use of bluffs to deceive opposing players. There has been speculation that the Chinese were the founders of the game with historical data tracing the origins of the game as far back as nine hundred and sixty-nine where it is believed that the emperor of the time Mu Tsung was a keen player as he used to play it with his wife. The Egyptians are also noted in history for participating in card games of this type with data suggesting they were avid fans of such games during the twelfth century.

In the sixteenth century, the Persians would also play these sorts of card games where they were called `Ganijfa` or `treasure cards`. Ganijfa card games consisted of ninety-six cards per deck which were usually made from very thin slices of precious wood or for the more upper-class ivory. The most popular card game of that era was named `As Nas` which would use twenty-five of the cards where there would be various rounds of betting using these then-new cards. The French during the seventeenth and eighteenth-century created their own version of these games which they called `Poque`, the Germans also had a game of this sort which they aptly named `Pochen`. Both of these games were derived from the sixteenth-century Spanish game called `Primero` where each player would be dealt three cards where the players would bluff or place high stake bets to deceive their opponent. The game Primero dates all the way back to fifteen twenty-seven where it was played frequently and for many is the birthplace and time of the now hugely popular poker.

The game of poker during the eighteenth century was exported to the new world by French colonials as this was one of their favorite pass times and before long it had spread from Louisiana all the way up the Mississippi River and eventually the whole country. One of the earliest references to the game poker dates back to eighteen thirty-four where Jonathon Green published in his writings that he called it `the cheating game`. This `cheating game` spread like wildfire across the globe and gave birth to the now-famous gambling circuit. Nearly all gamers embraced this new game as they believed it was more challenging and ultimately more honest than its predecessor `the three-card game` which was widely thought of as rigged.

During the days of the Wild West poker became an overnight phenomenon with poker tables readily available at all saloons in nearly every town across the US. During the period of the civil war, poker was even more popular as soldiers of both armies played the game during their free time. It took two centuries but eventually, poker became the ultimate in gambling activities for all who played it and its popularity has increased in strength from year to year. People now see poker as a way to use tactics and other methods to increase their wealth as well as providing many intellectuals with an extra opportunity to test their knowledge and methods. Now that we have modern casinos like Bookmaker 1xbet in Italia, it is much more easier and entertaining for players to get a seamless casino experience whenever they want. 


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