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  • June 13, 2024

We have all heard casino games referred to as games of chance, thus the term gambling. You are gambling money on an outcome determined not by your skill as a player, but by random events beyond your control. Is this a true description of these games? Can a player alter or even determine the outcome with knowledge or mastery of the game? In order to answer this, we must look at each game individually. The first game up is perhaps the most popular in the casino, the slot machine. Moreover, if you are interested in improving your game skills and learn more about poker then you can visit dominoqq where you can get really great tips and tricks from professional poker players. With the help of these tips and tricks, you can easily improve your card game and dominate your opponents. 


When playing a slot machine you have only two decisions to make. Which machine you play, and the size of your wager. True, on some machines you have the option of a secondary bet, but this is generally after you have already won the initial game. Slot machines are designed to pay out a certain percentage of the total money input. This can range anywhere from 94% up to 99% depending on the casino, the machine, and its location within the casino. These slots are controlled by an RNG, a Random Number Generator. The RNG determines where the wheels will stop, and thus when and how much you will win. The level of your payout is determined by the type of machine and the size of your wager. Since your wager does not affect the RNG, the results generated are completely beyond your control. Slot machines are truly games of chance. The only knowledge beneficial to the player is to know which machines have the highest payout percentages. SLOTS: 100% Chance


When playing video poker which machine you choose has a definite effect on the outcome of your wager. Check the payouts on the machines. You will find some machines pay higher for a full house than others. These higher payouts will affect your winning percentage in the long run. Like slot machines, which cards you are dealt with is determined by an RNG. Unlike slot machines, however, the player must then make a decision on which cards to keep and which to discard. While the new cards you receive will also be determined by an RNG, a knowledge of the odds can increase your chances of winning. Knowing the odds of making a winning hand and keeping the proper cards takes a certain level of knowledge or skill. This skill can determine the outcome of the game, to some extent. For this reason, video poker is a game of chance, as well as skill. VIDEO POKER: 70% Chance


Critics will tell you poker is a game of chance since you have no control over which cards you receive. This is a true statement, but which cards you get is a very small part of the game of poker. If poker were truly a game of chance, then I should be able to sit down at a table of poker champions and have an equal chance of winning. I think we all know that would not be the case. Getting the right cards is important, but knowing how to play them, how to wager, and how to read your opponent can be far more important. Many weaker hands have taken the pot because of skillful play. Is bluffing a skill? Is the ability to read the slightest weakness in your opponent a skill, or is it chance? When all the elements of the game are considered, poker requires perhaps the highest level of skill and concentration of any casino game. Solid knowledge of the game can definitely improve your ability to win, and in many cases can determine the outcome of the game. POKER: 10% Chance


Like in poker the cards you receive are determined by chance. At that point, the player has several decisions to make. Depending on the situation the player may be able to increase their wager or split their hand. The player must also decide to hold/stand or to take a card. This decision is based on a knowledge of the game and the odds involved. It is true that simply by knowing the odds does not guarantee victory since odds are based on long term outcomes, and can be beaten on any single hand. This said a sound strategy and knowledge of the game can improve the player’s opportunity for victory. However, even with perfect play, the player can still lose if “by chance” the dealer receives better cards. Remember, the dealer is operating on set rules, stand on 17, hit on 16 so the outcome is in no way determined by the dealer’s knowledge or method of play. There is also the practice of card counting, considered cheating by most, which can improve your odds of winning, but do not guarantee it. Overall, the outcome of blackjack can be effected by skillful play, but not always determined by it. BLACKJACK: 60% Chance

Let’s look at a few other games without going into any detail or explanation.

CRAPS (dice) –

Skillful wagering can improve your outcome, but not the game itself. – 90% Chance


Pick a number, any number… – 100% Chance


This is an entirely different area. The success of wagering on sporting events is determined in large part by the player’s knowledge of the game, its players, and the current situation. While this knowledge is helpful, the player is betting on what he believes will happen, not what he is able to make happen. The results are beyond the player’s control, but like poker, a skillful player can improve their odds of winning with a solid knowledge of the game. – 50% Chance

It is important to remember that even in a game where your knowledge and skill affect the outcome, there are still random events that can affect the outcome and neutralize your knowledge. Even the best poker player in the world loses occasionally, despite having played the hand perfectly. Improve your knowledge and skill of your play, but keep in mind, you are never in complete control of the situation until all random elements have been determined. Good luck.


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