• Bnews24, New York
  • June 13, 2024

It’s early morning, just after sunrise and there’s a cool breeze in the air. You just used a recently procured speedboat to jump a fairly insignificant island and landed on the runway of the local airport. Right as your boat begins to touchdown a large jetliner begins to take off. You fire off your grapple hook at the soft underside of the plane as the heat of the fireball from your recently crashed boat warms your backside. The line on the grapple hook pulls you into the plane as you forcefully eject the pilot and take over flight 814 to Eastern Panau. This is a fairly regular occurrence in Just Cause 2 and a perfect example of the kind of stories that you can create while playing the game. This game might be different from some poker online games because it falls into a different game category, but what it shares in common to other games is that it has amazing graphics, interesting storyline and enticing gameplay. So without further ado, let us go through this awesome game.

The first thing anyone will notice upon starting the game is just how gorgeous the island nation of Panau is. The ice, dirt, sand, trees, sky, and most importantly the water are simply gorgeous. The best part is that once you finish the initial tutorial missions you can visit any section of the island at any time. Your choices in this endeavor are virtually limitless. Would you like to explore the islands seeing every area close-up? Then hop in an easy to find car, truck, or motorcycle. Is sea life more in line with your body? Then hop aboard any of the half-dozen boats in dock or scattered throughout the waters. Do the calls of the native birds sing to you at night asking you to join them? Then you might want to visit a luxurious mental institution, or heading over to the airport and hopping in any number of planes or helicopters might be your thing. Maybe you’re some sort of environmentalist and don’t want to use any gas-guzzling means to explore the island. Well then your trusty parachute and grappling hook can help you get around the island in ways that even Spider-Man would dream of. Hop in, on, or around your favorite mode of transportation and take a long look at this glorious island from any and all vantage points.

While exploring the island and trying to take down its corrupt dictator you may notice the strange voices of the locals. Do not worry about this in the least. It just shows that Just Cause 2 apparently didn’t have the budget for actual voice actors or even proper studios for voice recording. To be quite honest the voice work in this game is beyond terrible, and that’s being complimentary. Though thankfully it can provide plenty of unintentionally funny statements for you and your friends to mock later. The music of the island has some nice rhythm however and while it won’t win any awards it certainly does provide a nice background for the game.

This brings us to the story of the game. First off I need to make it clear that there really is no story to the game. Sure there is a very basic plot, but honestly that’s not why you’re playing Just Cause 2. If you wanted deep story and meaningful character development you would be playing Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age: Origins, or God of War III for the 15th time. You are playing Just Cause 2 to create your own story of mayhem and carnage on the islands of Panau. So with that I invite you to explore this wonderful nation of awkward physics grappling hook swinging, semi-sociopathic madmen. Hope your travels are as wonderfully explosive as mine have been.


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