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  • June 13, 2024

The dramatic increase in the number of poker players around the world is being, in part, attributed to the popularity of poker online, i.e. poker played on the Internet. Poker online generated revenues of about $200 million per month in the year 2005. Playing poker online has certain advantages and some drawbacks so that a player who is putting real money in the game should consider both before delving into online poker game.

Judi online site will offer the real money in the bank account of the gamblers. The playing of the games with the best skills is offering more rewards and bonuses to the players, The selection of the right game is necessary to have a pleasant experience at the online website. 


Traditional venues like casinos are quite expensive when compared with online poker venues due to the much smaller overhead costs of the latter. The organizers need not worry about more space and furniture if another poker table needs to be placed. Players also get a chance for starting with stakes as low as one cent. In addition, poker online also has freerolls to offer i.e. no entry fee is required.

Player Friendly Environment

Playing poker online has a manifest psychological advantage: the tension of direct personal encounter is absent. The game software can prompt the player whose turn it is to play. Human interference of this sort does bring some degree of embarrassment.


Playing poker online is not always safe. Frauds await certain players especially when collusion between players takes place. However, the good news is that online venues also carry collusion detectors, which are not to be found in traditional casinos. IP addresses of the players are checked so that players using the same proxy servers (or same computer) are detected. There are many claims of fraud regarding poker online but few solid evidences support such claims.

Tracking of Play

While it is not easy to track a poker play in detail in traditional venues like casinos, most of the online venues make the tracking business very feasible. They can track every action of the players in each hand. Several special software programs can record detailed summaries of online poker play. This is iparticularly significant to serious poker players who need play details in order to pick their weaknesses and be more prepared for future games.


Several countries of the world including UK legally allow poker online. In the United States, the legality issue of online gambling is still under official debate.


Owing to their competition with traditional poker venues that offer charms like free meals, hotel rooms, and merchandise etc., poker online venues have started giving deposit bonuses to attract more players. The player receives a bonus code when he/she places money in an account. This code adds a certain percentage or certain amount of chips. However these bonuses come piecemeal and not iin form of upfront cash payments.

Learning Opportunities

One thing that gives poker online precedence over conventional poker spots is the availablitiy of online poker schools that have special tutorials for beginners. What makes these free money games significantly beneficial is that you need not put real money into them. At the same time you do not need another human player to get in person in order to practice. You can gian experence in poker by poker online without losing any money and any game partners.


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