• Bnews24, New York
  • June 13, 2024

When I started playing poker for money I had absolutely no idea regarding the raging competition and ego clashes that exist in the world of competitive poker. Most of the players who start out in poker make a move to competitive levels primarily for making money. With the passage of time basic skills start to develop; which happened within the first six months in my case. Smaller stakes and lesser players posed no challenge or hurdles for me. Then I started taking part in big tournaments with a very simple plan. Take part in the highest possible game my bank balance would permit. I failed miserably in most of the tournaments. With very few wins against seasoned opponents somehow the ego to win started making a massive interruption in my fun and earnings. For the first time I realized how important it is to select the proper game based on the honest interpretation of skills for getting to the chief aim which is to earn money.

There are various avenues for those willing to invest in the time and patience in order to earn substantial incomes from the game. With the advent of online poker rooms the opportunities have increased considerably. However, inner mental play is the foremost aspect in deciding when and where to play. For example, there may be a big scale tournament going with prospects of massive wins but you are winning consistently in lesser level games. From a purely professional point of view it makes sense to draw back the ego and continue winning in your level till a considerable cash reserve is obtained. Those playing against well known opponents have more winning chances than playing with unknown players. These are some of the key decisions one has to make when in the role of a professional poker player. Selecting the game where you have the best chances and avoiding those where the mental calculations are not in favor is something to learn for all those wanting to earn substantial profits from the game. At times it may become difficult to select the game but if ego or “show off skills” factor is removed from the equation things start becoming easier.

One cannot deny the fact that competing with professionals can provide added skills and experience. Whether you are playing in land based casino or in online site like Judi Bola Online, competiting with professionals will certainly make you a good player over time. However on most occasions players are looking to win and satisfy their egos against higher rated opponents. A subtle balance must be worked out to earn as well as gain experience by carefully analyzing the status of the bankroll. This is no rocket science and those willing to think over the matter have better chances of sharpening their skills without interrupting their winning amounts.

The game is bigger than any individual. If you have developed false beliefs regarding mastering every aspect of the game like I did some time ago, it’s time to shed off those loads of personal ego that are actually hampering your winning amounts. The game perplexes even the masters and the funny thing is that with a good strategy at hand those with lesser skills can also reap huge benefits.


Rita Price is the content crafter at Yumise. She is a Texas Hold’em expert and wishes to learn more about all the new updates and technology that is being introduced in this industry,