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Casino Gambling: Win Goals In every book I write the same things about these two upcoming chapters. They are probably the two most important areas in the book. If you get tired of hearing me say it ‑ close your ears. If you’ve already stuffed them with cotton to drown out my words ‑ the next thing to do would be to close your eyes so you can’t see what I’m writing. How you hope to read the book with your eyes closed is beyond me, but then most of you go to the casinos with blinders on, your ears closed to advice about money management, and your eyes shut tight against seeing the reality of the pitfalls you face. So maybe you’ve invented a way to absorb infor­mation through your nose. If that’s the case, take a good whiff of these two chapters. If you grasp their true value, you’ll come out of your future gambling forays smelling like a rose.

I would guess that less than 5% of the people that enter a Casino, set a hard line Win Goal for their play that day, based on their bankroll. I’ve already told you to zero in on 20%, and whether you agree or not, let’s take a typical player to make a point. Cass E. Know has been playing in qiu qiu online terpercaya and several other casinos most of her adult life. She has a bankroll of $300 that she takes with her, but 80% of the time she loses all or most of it. Miss Know knows how to play and there are many times she is ahead $100 during the course of her day, but she usually pours it back to the house looking for a bigger return. She wants $300 as her profit for the day. Her lament is always the same, “I always get ahead $50 to $100 with my $300 starting money, but I want more.” First off ‑ getting a $100 profit (33% in one day) is a fantastic return if only she would realize it. But she’s too greedy or too stupid to understand that. O.K., let’s show her an alternate approach. If it’s so easy to win $100 with $300, why not bring more money and go for just 1/2 the profit. Here’s what will happen. Cass E. could bring $3000 and go for the same 33% return ‑ $1000. Now that amount may make her happy, and since it’s the same percentage, it should be just as easy. Or, let’s make it even easier for the lass Cass. If winning 33% is so easy, winning half of that ought to be duck soup. That means that her $3000 bankroll (shooting for a 17% return) will kick off $510 a day. Or, she could bring $30,000, and playing for even one‑half of the money she finds so easy to ac­cumulate, end up with a 9% pay off each day and a sweet $2700 bonanza every time she plays.

Do you think this is a far-fetched story? No, it isn’t. I’ve left the percentage returns the same and even cut them in half, to make my point. The truth is that people do not take the proper amount of money, to allow them to dream of the returns they really want and won’t accept the profits they should, with the paltry amount they do bring. They fail to set the goals that give them something to shoot for. A Win Goal is an amount you set to win before your first bet is made and is based on your bankroll. These goals should be 20% of your starting amount and the more you bring ‑ the less of a percen­tage you will shoot for. A super-intelligent goal would be anywhere from 5% to 10%. But based on what 90% of the people have to work with, I will increase the percentage in order to reach the doubting Thomas.

Starting Bankroll Percentage Win Goal $ 200 20% $ 40 $ 400 20% $ 80 $ 600 20% $120 $1000 20% $200 $1500 20% $300 $2000 20% $400 $3000 10% $300 $4000 8% $320 $5000 7% $350 $6000 6% $360 As your starting bankroll increases, the percen­tage return drops, because you want to get to your goal as soon as you can, then wrap up your profits. When your Goal is realized, you will not and I repeat NOT quit for the day, as you are in a hot Trend and you never want to leave a game when the Trend is in your favor. There are chapters on “Guarantee” and “Ex­cesses” which explain what you do once you reach your Win Goal.

But for now, just concentrate on setting these goals. I don’t give a pig’s ear what you set as your Win Goal, as long as it does not exceed the amount I put down earlier in this chapter. I tell you 20% with $1000 starting amount. If you want to set it at 15% or 10% ‑ Great! But no higher than 20%. You wanna win more? Bring more. Cass E. Know will have a hard time enjoying herself in the Casino with these restrictions ‑ until she gets a taste of winning. Then she’ll be all in favor of this mode of play. Winning, even if the returns are small in com­parison to the super inflated amounts you used to look for, will come to a lot easier. Of all the things you must positively do on the days you gamble, this is one of the most important ‑ SET YOUR WIN GOALS.

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