• Bnews24, New York
  • May 23, 2024

Will the new Indian Casino’s that are cropping up all over the nation kill Reno and Las Vegas. Perhaps the business is getting less and less in these magnificent cities. I know that on my last visit to Reno it appeared there was a great deal of Casino’s closing their doors for good. My fond memories of the first big jack pot I won are of Reno, Nevada. I find however, that I spend most of my time at local Casino’s now as they seem to be more convenient for us to travel too.

Really, business is about to be picked up and there shouldn’t be any surprise as India is on its way to become a global superpower and reclaim its position that it lost centuries ago but to say that it will spell doom for Las Vegas is too strong a statement as the latter is still the situs judi resmi and a popular hotspot for gamblers all over the world.

In Oregon alone there are 9 active casino’s throughout the state with seven either in the stages of approval or expansion. The state of Washington has 29 Casinos active and in the stages of being built. That means that there are approximately 38 Casino’s in these two states alone. So across the Nation you may imagine that there are hundreds of Indian Casinos cropping up.

For decades the only place one could go to gamble legally was Nevada, they held the title to that sport. Atlanta came on board and then there were two so to speak. It was only in recent times that the Nation began to allow the Indian Tribes to build casino’s in most of the US. They have cropped up in almost every State in the Nation. The benefits for the Indian Tribes is enormous. They can fund their own schools and medical facilities and can attract tourists to their various Tribes teaching people of their history and heritage, something that was not easily done in the past.

The Indian casino’s not only afford each Tribe financial freedoms and the great things that come with that they also put back into each State a certain amount of financial funds. That in and of itself gives each State a larger financial base for the governmental necessities such as road repairs, schools, parks and wildlife reserves to name a few.

Along with the up cropping of the Indian Casino’s and their financial funds many states have in place a lottery which also puts money into the States bank accounts. This is all well and good for the future of all the Indian Tribes and States throughout our country, but is it killing Las Vegas and Reno.

In order to stay on top Las Vegas and Reno must both build bigger and more magnificent Casino’s and resorts, they must give cheaper travel packages with hopes that those who visit will spend more dollars while there. The cost of travel and lodging must remain within the financial range that the common folks of this Nation can afford a visit to these cities. If not then they will surely die a hard and cold death in that desert sun. It is a well known fact that meals are cheap and lodging is cheap in Reno, and meals in Las Vegas are more expensive but lodging is cheap. You can make a week long trip to Las Vegas for under $300.00 flight and hotel. Food however, will take a bite out of your wallet. While Reno you can do a week for $300.00 and food will be a small cost on the side for you. It is also a known fact that the meals in Reno are larger and more tasteful than those in Las Vegas. At the Silver Legacy you can purchase a Prime Rib dinner that is tender enough to cut with your fork for a mere $9.95. In Las Vegas the meal will cost you $12.99 and will by no means be as palatable to the customer.

Both cities provide you with the fun and gambling that many seek when traveling, there with pool side bars for drinks in the afternoon. Many of your Indian Casino’s throughout the Nation do not serve Alcohol. You do get free coffee and soda while in the Casino and not just when on the gambling floor. Many Indian Casino’s have resorts of some sort located at them, maybe not as magnificent as those found in Reno or Las Vegas but along with the resort you will always find an interpretive center that will include interesting facts regarding the Tribe or Tribes that operate the casino.

So if your interest lies in the realm of gambling and resort fun you can find it in Las Vegas and Reno or you perhaps can find it right down the freeway or highway a few hundred miles from your own home. This writer doesn’t see Las Vegas dying any time soon especially not in my lifetime. However, if the Indian Casino’s continue to upgrade and add more and more activities to their menus and the food becomes top notch with live entertainment we may find Las Vegas no longer has the draw for us it use to.


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