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  • June 13, 2024

Modern online casinos are full of different people, who play different games, use different strategies and also place different bets. However, in general all their variety can be divided into two groups, such as regular players and high rollers. So in this article I would like to tell you about high rollers in online casinos and the benefits they get.

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Who are high rollers? In fact, this group are the people, who are ready to place incredibly big bets, like $500 or even more. Such people are highly appreciated by online casinos, as they usually bring a good profit to them. The same situation is with traditional casinos, where there are even special rooms for them, where they can play any games with high bets. In traditional gambling houses high rollers receive doubtless advanatges, such as free limousines to use, free jet transfers and so on. But what about online casinos? What benefits do high rollers get playing casino games online?

Certainly modern gambling sites try to pay special attention to this category of players, as they bring huge profit, as I’ve already said. However, not all sites are ready to provide with special conditions for online casino gambling. So if you want to wager a lot, you should look for special sites.

So the first advantage, that high rollers get is higher table limits. Usually online casinos allow to wager $100 maximum, for example in blackjack. But for high rollers it is allowed to wager up to $300 per hand. Moreover, there are specific games, where a player can wager up to $1000. It is done to satisfy the demands of high rollers. The same situation is with slot machines, as there are usual (classic) ones, where the bet may be $1 or even less, but at the same time in some online casinos people can place bets in the sum of $100 or even more per one spin of the reels. What does it give? In fact, it is a great risk, as you can lose all money, but from the other hand, it certainly promises greater wins, which sometimes may be simply incredible.

The second advantage is large credit limits, which are offerd for high rollers, but only to those, who have a long history of playing in one and same online casino and who proved their reputation during this time. The credit limits may be rather big, but everything depends on an online casino. And certainly remember that credit limits should be within reasonable frameworks.

And certainly main advantage for high rollers is perhaps online casino bonuses. There are two approaches to it, and they are different. According to the first approach of an online casino, there are special bonuses for high rollers and separate bonuses for usual players. In this case, if a usual player has an upper limit of $100 and they can get $100 as a bonus, high rollers may wager up to $1000 and get $500 as a bonus. It makes them feel a little more special, and everyone is satisfied.

According to the second approach, online casino bonuses are not divided, but the limits of the first deposit are not stated. Usually in this case online casinos offer bonuses to every deposit made within first seven days after signing up at a gambling site. For example, in this case a high roller may wager $1000 per day and claim for 100% bonus after each bet. So as a result he will get $14 000 as a bonus in total. It is believed that the highest possible sum of online casino bonuses was $20 000. Sounds incredible, but you certainly agree, that not everyone can allow to spend such an amount of money just to play casino games. And here I can refer special reward programs and comp points, which are also bigger for high rollers.


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