• Bnews24, New York
  • May 23, 2024

Gambling on political elections has always occurred, but is one of the lesser utilized forms of betting. While it is not widely done in the United States, online sportsbooks and casinos have offered some forms of political betting for years. With more stats and media attention being focused on political elections, however, Nevada may soon legalize wagering real money on election results. You can pick the download mega8882 site for the playing of games and doing the payment with safe and secure means. There is no danger to the personal information of the players. There is a need to pay attention tote bonuses and rewards available at the online gambling site. 

The website Intrade, which recently shut down, was possibly the most popular internet site for predicting and betting on political elections. The well-regarded stats geek Nate Silver mentions Intrade numerous times in his book, which also discusses predicting baseball performance and basketball gambling results, among many other topics. With such a well-known figure engaging in or at least following bets on elections, it was only a matter of time before it became more widely accepted.

Tick Segerblom, a Democratic lawmaker from Las Vegas, has introduced a bill in the Nevada legislature that would legalize betting on political elections and pop culture events such as the Academy awards or Grammys. The main highlight of his bill is that it would allow Nevada sportsbooks to take bets on the US presidential election, an event held every four years, and one which has proved profitable for offshore casinos.

This is another reflection of the fact that the Las Vegas casinos are moving in the direction of the offshore online casinos. Far from opposing online gambling, Nevada is now attempting to increase the pool of bettors who can risk money on websites that are run by Nevada casinos. They know that they are in direct competition with the offshore casinos and sportsbooks, even though those offshore companies are considered illegal under US federal law.

That illegality, however, has not stopped the online casinos from making handsome profits and even taking the money of American bettors who might otherwise spend it gambling on sporting or political evens with a Las Vegas casino, if they had the choice. Online gambling has been legal in Nevada since 2011, with the state recently authorizing the governor to set up interstate agreements with other states that have legal online casino gambling.

The online casino activity will likely start with poker and other games, but sports betting is likely to follow shortly. Online offshore casinos are already making too much money for the Vegas casinos to stay away from the action forever. Once political betting is legalized, it can be expected to find its way online, as well, in time.


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